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Internet Tips – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting on the internet is the most important thing that you will ever do. I cannot overstate this point. Get on the internet – now. Your livelihood, your happiness and your future is at stake. Staying away from the internet is the social equivalent of committing suicide.

What is so great about the internet? Put simply, it’s communication. The internet gives everyone on this planet the capability of communicating with anyone else (assuming they are on the internet also) at any time about anything that they want.


Perhaps the most basic human characteristic is communication. Humans are always chattering about something, whether it be written, spoken, drawn, painted, hand-signaled or coded in electronic waves. We have a basic, fundamental need to talk to someone, anyone. And when we’re not talking, we want to be listening.

Just as important, the internet allows, uniquely in history, the ability to communicate virtually instantly and almost completely uncensored. Never before (and probably never again, if some people have their way) have you had the opportunity for open communications that you have now.

Take advantage of the internet like you’ve never taken advantage of anything before in your life. There are more opportunities here than you can imagine. There is money to be made, friends to be found, product to purchase and places to explore. Quite literally, there is something for everyone.

There is danger also, but if you are careful you will be fine. Load up your virus checking, install a firewall, watch out for scams, and protect your children and you should be fine.

So what are you waiting for? Get going, make a fortune and have fun. And email me with your success stories … I’d love to know the cool things you’ve done on the web.

The internet is communication. It’s as simple as that. What does this mean to you? To take maximum advantage of the internet you must communicate.

Communication is two-way. You cannot just sit online and watch if you want to survive and prosper. You must become active, participate and you must give as much or more than you take.

Don’t just lurk (read) newsgroup postings. If you see something in a newsgroup which you can question, answer or add to, then by all means do so. Become a participant in as many newsgroups as you have time for. If you are worried about spam, see the section on Newsgroup security for some suggestions.

Get power-surfing tips and learn about web safety. Find out what a smiley is and learn all of those strange acronyms internet junkies seem to use, learn how to use the web for research and improve your searching abilities.

Yes, you can just surf sites on the internet, look at a few babe or hunk sites and stare all day at the wonderful Star Trek and other interesting places to visit. But sites are made by people, and (presumably) you are a person also. So create your own site (or if you are adventurous create several). There are plenty of free hosts available and plenty of free tools. Build a great homepage and tell the world about yourself, your interests and your life – or anything else that you want to say.

Email everyone. Send messages to your friends, your relatives, your boss and co-workers. Use email as a tool and stay in touch. It’s a great way to communicate quickly and easily.

Chat away to your heart’s content. Download ICQ, IRC and AOL’s Instant Messenger and begin looking for people to talk to. You will find someone interesting out there – after all, there are literally hundreds of millions of people on the web, with more coming on every day.

Advertise your web site. It’s simple and will get people to see what you’ve got. Become an expert at submitting to search engines, using banners and Metatags, and getting your site known.

This is you make the internet work for you – use it all to your best advantage.