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free website add-ons

Simple and Free Web Site Add-ons

Building a series of articles addressing a variety of Internet marketing tools, resources, and strategies for Web site owners would not be complete without an examination of what are simply known in industry jargon as Web site add-ons or add-ons. ...

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flash vs html

HTML 5 Versus Flash Websites

With the advent of Adobe Flash, website designers found a new development platform that could produce a more visually rich and interactive browsing experience than the traditional HTML and CSS combination could provide. But using Flash for web design in ...

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WYSIWYG Web Building Techniques

WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get), divested of all the technical jargons, may be described as a tool meant for creating web pages. WYSIWYG is so called because the finished page will appear exactly the way it was designed. The program of course generates ...

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web site achieves objectives

How to Build a Web Site That Achieves Objectives

Web sites are an imperative part of every organization’s marketing communications agenda, regardless of the size of their operations. But a casual trek through the countless business Web sites in hyperspace will reveal a not-so-secret fact: many are poorly executed ...

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web design color palettes

Choosing Web Design Color Palettes

Color is much more than eye candy in web design. Color affects people in many ways, both consciously and subconsciously. Some colors evoke certain emotions. Some colors represent ideas and traditions in different countries. The colors that make up a ...

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effective homepage

Building an Effective Homepage

While some internet browsers may end up to a linked page on a website, more often than not they will either start at the homepage or end up their eventually. A homepage that is not easy to navigate, or is ...

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web design education

Get an Education in Web Design

There are millions and millions of sites online and more joining them every day. Some of these web sites are wonderfully designed while others look like they came straight out of the 90s. The difference between the two rests with ...

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Artisteer: Innovation in Turnkey Websites

Artisteer is the first and only automated web design software of its kind allowing even the most inexperienced web designers or template developers to create both unique and gorgeous templates for use on website or blogs themes. Free Trial Download ...

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