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WYSIWYG Web Building Techniques

WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get), divested of all the technical jargons, may be described as a tool meant for creating web pages. WYSIWYG is so called because the finished page will appear exactly the way it was designed. The program of course generates ...

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Yellow Fields In Web Form

You must have seen that annoying Firefox option for changing your fields background color in your beautiful contact, order, comments form. Yes you are right, it’s everywhere mostly for Email, Name and some other form fields. Even if you set ...

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The Basics of HTML

The Internet is the wave of the future. It’s time to reserve a spot in the cyber world with a slice of virtual property. That property is called a website, but in order to create the perfect site, a person ...

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website template

Designing and Using Website Templates

Website developers have many excellent page design tools available to them, but designing a web page is just the first step. The web developer must know how to take his design and apply it consistently to every page of his ...

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I know that dynamic HTML is the coolest thing since HTML was invented. I love dynamic HTML. Using this new, wonderful set of tools, you can create web sites that are incredible! You can have pictures move, lists expand and ...

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Clean HTML Code

HTML encoding errors will break search engine spiders. To understand why you need to think of the differences between browsers and spiders: Browsers have been written to be backwardly compatible with widely used, badly formed HTML. This is due to ...

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