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The difference between a directory and a search engine, is a search engine is an automated list of everything that it can find. A directory is an ordered list of sites generally examined and added by humans. Yahoo is the ...

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Sometimes there are pages in your site that you simply do not want or need indexed. This could be because you’ve got directories that don’t need to be indexed, or it could simply be because you don’t want visitors landing ...

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Marketing Your Site Online

The web has become the world’s largest marketplace and to prosper in this environment requires online marketing – Chesterfield based Search Engine Serious (SES) is uniquely qualified to help you with this new marketing arena. SES are leaders in search ...

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Seo Company

Seo Company have extensive experience optimizing web sites for search engines. We listen to what you want, provide recommendations from which you can choose. We are an ethical SEO company and avoid all search engine spamming techniques. We constantly monitor ...

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What We Do

Any search engine optimization company that will tell you they have a way to boost your placement without changing your website’s text is after your money and not looking out for your best interests. To gain higher rankings takes a ...

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