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browsersThere are many different browsers to choose from. In fact, there are dozens of them. Just because all of the hype is about the “big three” (America Online, Internet Explorer and Netscape) doesn’t mean there are no additional choices.

Internet Explorer is the most popular and perhaps most full featured of the big three. I like IE, because it’s simple to get started, yet has a richness of features that even the gadget hungry techy has to love.

America Online actually uses Internet Explorer as it’s browser (kind of ironic since AOL bought Netscape), and it’s a pretty lame implementation. I’m not talking about AOL’s front end, which is decent enough, but it’s internet browser. If you want to be part of the AOL community, then use the AOL service. If you want to do anything on the internet, dump AOL and get a real ISP. If you must have AOL, then get the “bring your own access” service.

Netscape is falling fast, more because it has lost it’s focus than anything else. This browser is actually pretty good, but there is nothing in it to make it superior to IE. Perhaps it’s only real advantage is that it does not modify your entire operating system when it is installed.

There are many other browsers and they will be discussed in future columns.