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HTML Editors

So you want to create a web site? Great idea! There are few things in this world as satisfying as creating a good web site and having other people look at it, comment on it and like it.

You have many choices in the tools that you use to perform this act of creation. If you already know HTML or if you are a “purist”, you can just use the simplest, most basic program of all – Notepad. In fact, many webmasters do just that, and many of the best looking web sites are created completely by hand with no help at all from any other tool.

Stepping up from Notepad you have editors such as Arachnophilia.

If you want to get a very quick start you can use Frontpage 2000. This is an excellent editor which can make very good web sites very, very quickly.

Another good choice is Dreamweaver, which in many ways is the best editor of them all (at least so far). You can actually combine the two (Frontpage and Dreamweaver) to take advantage of the best features of each product. This is fairly expensive, however.