As a service to our customers we now offer FREE OF CHARGE web log file analysis using Urchin 5, one of the leading log file analysis tools available! This service includes the enhanced Urchin functionality of pay per click campaign tracking and goal tracking and eCommerce tracking.

    This service is provided to help answer the questions:

  • How are visitors getting to my site?
  • How are they using my site?
  • Are visitors converting into customers?
  • Which marketing efforts are paying off?

Urchin answers all of these questions and many more with its detailed unique visitor reports. Urchin 5 is the only analytics product to use Adobe’s SVG technology to display stunning charts and graphs that load instantly. Change your report’s date range or use Urchin’s report side filters to modify the information you are viewing and Urchin’s graphics update in a blink – leaving competing products in the dust.

Seo Return on Investment

From a search engine optimization perspective we need to know what is currently working for your site, and what isn’t. By being able to look at your web site statistics before and after Seo Return on Investment we can quantify:

  • Referral traffic
  • Pages visited
  • Length of visit
  • Path visitors use through your system.
  • Top entry and exit pages

By measuring the before and after web site statistics we can determine your return on investment (ROI) for the search engine optimization work performed. By quantifying ROI you can see for yourself the value of SEO.

Example Use of Urchin for Pay Per Click ROI

There’s a whole conversation we need to have on the cost of conversions you’re having on Seo Return on Investment. I added conversion tracking to the page of the checkout process that asks for the credit card number – this is one or maximum two steps away from buying. Conversion tracker is showing you got 2 sales from $75 of advertising. I don’t know what mark up you make but that doesn’t seem to be a good return on investment. If you look at the SEO_Services keywords for 11 Nov you had 2 conversions for $40 – again you’re probably losing money. Now if you’re trying to raise your company’s profile then you don’t need to convert clicks directly to sales, and indeed if you look at the Urchin stats (Referrals->Search Terms) you can see that Your Company is the 5,6 and 7 most popular search term for you.

All of this suggests that $1 per click is too high, and we should lower the amount to closer to $.50 or $.25

Looking at the SEO_Services campaign, the click through rate is much higher than the original campaign although yesterday the CTR was about the same. All this points to it being too early to tell which campaign is working. Either way you can’t afford to pay for your clicks at this rate. I have lowered the SEO_Services words to 0.25 to see the effect and we probably need to lower the other campaigns PPC to .50 or .25.

Now looking at the the Urchin stats it doesn’t appear you need PPC. Using the whole of November as an example the showproduct page (which comes up from the ‘buy now’ button) is shown 2607 times. These should be confirmed buyers (as they clicked the buy now button) although we have to quarter this number as the login page shows up in between and they have to preview the options. So for November we should have around 500 sales and the ‘showrelativs’ page (shopping cart) bears this out (482 hits). The page afterwards datauser.php (checkout) is shown 390 times, this is where I put conversion tracking (you can see the Google Adwords logo at the very bottom of the page). So out of 390 displays only 4 came from PPC at a huge cost ($50 * 13 days = $650), where as 386 came for free from the SEO work we did.

Who Needs this Service?

If you have your own in house statistics program, or your host provides a program you may not need this service. If you currently have no insight into how your site is being used by your visitors then this if for you! Adding your site is simple and generally requires little or no changes to your site setup.

When setup you will be given an access URL, a login and password. You can then run whatever reports you want on the software. We will schedule nightly update runs so your data is always fresh.

If you’re an existing customer contact Seo Return on Investment today to add this feature to your account for free!

Report Screenshot Samples

The Search Engines Report

The Search Engines Report

Like many Urchin reports, the Search Engines Report allows you to drill-down into a particular item and find out more about it. In this case, clicking on the “” entry reveals all of the actual search terms used on Google to find this site.

The Visitor Sessions Report

With Urchin’s SVG-powered Business Ready Graphics(tm), you can see most charts and graphs in either pie, line, or bar graph-type views, and can easily copy/paste the graphs into common Office applications like Powerpoint and Word.

The Visitor Sessions Report


  • SVG-based Business Ready(sm) interactive charts and graphs – copy/paste into any Office application
  • UTM2 first-party-cookie enhanced data collection – no privacy problems or security warnings
  • UTM2 supports cross-site tracking
  • Pie chart, bar, or line-graph options for most reports
  • Print-friendly report-viewing mode
  • Direct export to Word, Excel, and more
  • Fully customizable reports – compare anything to anything
  • Arbitrary Date Range analysis
  • Visitors & Sessions reports not confined to monthly analysis (competitors are)
  • Most accurate Unique Visitor reporting
    Reporting Features

  • Visitor Loyalty (“stickyness”) report
  • Help text embedded with calculation methodology explained
  • All individual items in reports graphable over time
  • New Downloads report shows all files downloaded from your site.
  • New Drilldown reports show information succinctly yet in complete detail
  • Search Engine Marketing / SEO – Page Query Terms report automatically shows results of Cost-Per-Click campaigns, internal searches, and more
  • Search Terms report shows actual keywords typed into search engines
  • New IP Address and IP Drilldown reports
  • Intranet IP analysis
  • New Robots and Spiders reports.
  • Automatic exclusion of “bot” traffic from Visitors reports
  • Click-path analysis improved (click to/from report)
  • Improved flexibility in Usernames reporting – can be parsed out of any log field, and can be used for visitor identification and session tracking
    Report List

  • Traffic
    • Sessions Graph
    • Pageviews Graph
    • Hits Graph
    • Bytes Graph
    • Summary
  • Visitors & Sessions
    • Visitors by Day
    • Sessions by Day
    • Unique Visitors
    • Unique Sessions
    • Visitor Loyalty
    • Session Frequency
    • Summary
  • Pages & Files
    • Requested Pages
    • Downloads
    • All Files
    • Directory by Pages Drilldown
    • Directory by Files Drilldown
    • Directory by Bytes Drilldown
    • File Types by Hits
    • File Types by Bytes
    • Page Query Terms
    • Posted Forms
    • Status and Errors
  • Navigation
    • Entrance Pages
    • Exit Pages
    • Click Paths
    • Click To and From
    • Length of Pageview
    • Depth of Session
    • Length of Session
  • Referrals
    • Referrals
    • Referral Drilldown
    • Search Terms
    • Search Engines
    • Referral Errors
  • Domains & Users
    • Domains
    • Domain Drilldown
    • Countries
    • IP Addresses
    • IP Drilldown
    • Usernames by Hits
    • Usernames by Bytes
    • Usernames by Sessions
  • Browsers & Robots
    • Browsers by Sessions Drilldown
    • Browsers by Hits Drilldown
    • Browsers by Bytes Drilldown
    • Platforms by Sessions Drilldown
    • Platforms by Hits Drilldown
    • Platforms by Bytes Drilldown
    • Combos by Sessions
    • Robots by Hits Drilldown
    • Robots by Bytes Drilldown
  • Client Parameters
    • Screen Resolution
    • Screen Colors
    • Languages
    • Java Enabled
    • Timezone Offset
    • Javascript Version