Category: Search Engines

search engines If you want your site to be visited by many people, you must go through the trouble of registering with each of the big search engines. There are actually hundreds and hundreds of them, but if you put your main efforts into the top ten to fifteen, you will increase your traffic by many times. What I've done in the past is submit my site to each of the thirteen or so major engines by hand. You must submit to these by hand in spite of the temptation to submit using an automated tool. I've used most of the automated tools available and to date none of them has worked for these top engines. I don't know if they simply discard the automatic submissions or if the programs just don't work. Then I use the automated tools to submit to all of the remaining search engines. This seems to work well, and it will result in some additional traffic. Some search engines require just the home (or top) page in your site. Others will force you to enter each and every page that you want listed. See the page I have written about each search engine for further details.