Wow. That’s all I’ve got to say about this service. It’s simply great!

You want to add the ability for your visitors to search your web site? This is the service for you! It’s trivial to set up (even the advanced features are pretty easy to set up).

The name of the service is Atomz. I would recommend it to all webmasters. It’s simply the best, easiest, most full-featured local search available to webmasters without direct access to a server.

Here’s what happened to me. I knew that I wanted to add searching to my site, as that’s a good way to get my visitors to exactly what they want to find. I tried some of the other services and was not impressed.

I stumbled across Atomz and it looked good. I signed up (which took a couple of minutes), then started defining my search page. If you use the defaults it takes about five minutes to set up. The HTML code that you insert into your web site is small and easy to understand.

I immediately decided that I didn’t want to just include the default interface, since that didn’t match my site. Atomz took care of that by allowing me to define the entire results page.

I just took one of my existing pages and modified it to be the results page that I wanted, adding the special template code provided by Atomz.

The default page took about five minutes to set up. The advance page looking exactly like my web site took about thirty.

I really like this service. It’s great. And it’s free for sites with 500 pages ot less. The cost for larger sites is minimal … and it’s worth every penny.