Choosing a domain name is one of the most vital steps in establishing an online presence for any business. Just as a logo, sales staff or newspaper advertising should offer a high quality standard for representing a company, so should a domain name.

Knowing how to choose a great domain name is not as difficult as it may seem, there is some essential planning and vital decisions that must be made during the process, but by working through step by step, the domain name of choice is sure to be one that establishes a strong online identity.

The initial challenge faced by any person or business wishing to register a new domain name, is the seeming lack of availability for domain names which contain common words and phrases or are perceived to be keyword rich or lucrative for sale. Don’t lose heart however as there are ways to find the perfect domain name by thinking slightly outside the square. Even if the most obvious first choice is not available there are plenty of options as will be outlined below.

Step One for Choosing a Domain Name:

Decide on the domain name theme. Using a business name is generally a good idea. If not, something closely related to the business that is tied in with relevant keywords. For example a business called “The Smithsville Cup Cake Company” could use a number of domain names to represent their business related to both their product, company name or area of business operation.

Step Two for Choosing a Domain Name:

Decide on ideas for a domain name and check the availability of possible domain names. It can often be the case that the most fitting domain name is already used by another person or business. Write down a list of possible domain names and work through them one by one. Some ideas for the example cup cake business might include:

However, this would be a little lengthy to be considered an ideal domain name, so trying for options such as or would be slightly better. Alternatively using some descriptive keywords will also work, such as or or

Step Three for Choosing a Domain Name:

Once a list of available domain names suited to the business have been shortlisted, it is time to consider other points to domain name registrations. The following points are always recommended for choosing a great domain name:

  • Is the domain name easy to remember?
  • Is the domain name easy to spell?
  • Does it represent your business or target market well?
  • Is the domain name catchy?
  • Is it short yet descriptive?
  • Is it available in the necessary extensions, e.g.- .com,,, .net, .ca

If the chosen domain name fits all these criteria then chances are, it’s a winner. Now is the time to register it and start promoting your url on all advertising and promotional materials.