dreamweaverOkay, so you want a real web editor. Perhaps you’ve used another editor link Hotmetal or Frontpage 2000, but you want more. Perhaps you want to create great web sites without going through a lot of hassle and without really learning HTML. Or perhaps you need to create a large web site which looks good very fast.

Ah, there perhaps you want to try out Dreamweaver 3, arguably the best web editor on the market. This product is so good that it’s incredible.

This product, like Frontpage 2000, supports full web site editing (not just web pages but entire sites). This is a huge advantage as it can check for broken links, show you a picture of the navigation and a cool feature allows you to storyboard your site quickly and efficiently.

One of the coolest features is a global search and replace. This is great when, for example, you decide that you want to replace every occurrence of a banner with another banner. This search and replace feature is HTML aware, which means it knows all about tags and such. Very powerful.

Of course Dreamweaver has everything that you would expect from a high end web site editor. This include support for dynamic HTML and cascading style sheets. The WYSIWYG (sort of) editor is just as good as the one in Frontpage 2000 (meaning it’s about as good as you can get in web page design).

Anyway, this is a great product and is a worthy part of any webmasters tool kit.