There are millions and millions of sites online and more joining them every day. Some of these web sites are wonderfully designed while others look like they came straight out of the 90s.

The difference between the two rests with the designers who created them. In the first case, these individuals took the time to acquire an adequate education in web design prior to ever launching their site. With this preparation they were able to create web designs that were a sight to behold. For those hoping to join the ranks of these designers, an education in web design is absolutely required. How to go about obtaining it is, however, entirely up to the individual.

An Offline or Online College Education in Web Design

Some might think that colleges and universities are stuck in the past, but they have actually made some very nice advancements in their curriculum. Today, many colleges offer degrees in computer-related fields with some even focusing their majors on the subject of web design. Both offline and online colleges offer web design degrees, so learners will have the option of acquiring their web design education in the environment that is most comfortable to them.

This may not be the cheapest way to go about gaining a web design education, but it certainly does offer a lot of bang for the buck. At the end of four years, students will not only have picked up the skills required to create beautiful web sites; they will also have a degree that will greatly increase their chances to one day find employment as a web designer.

Earn Certificates for Web Design Skills

If studying toward a college degree seems too expensive or time-consuming, then certifications in web design are another possible choice. Options abound, so great care must be taken to only attempt to receive certification from a reputable source. Look for colleges, societies, organizations, and software companies as they tend to offer the most reputable and well-known certifications in the technology industry.

When attempting to receive certification, a certain amount of discipline will be required. The reason for this is because a great deal of studying will need to be done and, without the demands and deadlines associated with college, some individuals may fail to adequately prepare. Those committed to acquiring the knowledge required to pass the exam will, however, do well and should receive their certification with no problem.

An Informal Way to Learn Web Design

Their are many books on the subject of web design, so it is entirely possible to learn everything there is to know on one’s own time. This is, by far, the cheapest way to learn about web design. It is also the route that offers the least concrete documentation of the skills that have been acquired. If an individual is just looking to design web sites for personal use or as a means of earning a residual income, then this is not an issue. If, however, they hope to one day work in the field of web design, then a self-acquired education in web design just won’t cut it. In that instance, they will also have to gain experience in order to illustrate their competence.

Any Choice is the Right Choice

Web design is unique in that there are just so many ways to gather the knowledge required to become a web designer. The aforementioned are three very viable routes to take should one wish to acquire these skills. There really is no right or wrong choice. Instead, the personal preference and circumstances of the individual will ultimately prove to be paramount in dictating the path that they take toward becoming a web designer.