How do you handle new page additions on to our web site?

For simple additions, you just need to let us know that a new page has been added and we will be happy to optimize it while you are under contract to us. Please note however that any major changes to a site which compromises our SEO efforts could result in a new fee to reoptimize the site.

FAQ About Seo

For instance, if a site’s webmaster makes large structural or content changes to a site that wipe out our hard crafted SEO efforts, we will require a new contract and agreement before we can re-optimizing your site for your new keywords. Therefore, it is your responsibility to communicate FAQ About Seo clearly with our programmer to protect your SEO investment prior to making any changes to your site.

Do you price your package based on the number of keywords that are being optimized?

We have three packages. The first two packages have a restricted number of keywords, but our Executive Plus package does not. Among others, large e-commerce sites and sites within a highly competitive online market benefit the most from our Executive Plus package because we optimize the sites for all of FAQ About Seo the products being sold on the site and employ a highly aggressive linking strategy.

How do you get your site in the top 10 rankings?

  • Research the keywords
  • Ensure you have one page of 400-600 words per 2-4 keywords
  • Optimize the content of each page so that search engines relate your page to your keywords
  • Fix any HTML errors
  • Arrange non-reciprocated links
  • Arrange reciprocated links
  • Monitor the site’s position and repeat the above as necessary

How often can we update keywords? Are we limited to a certain amount of keywords?

On our full service executive package we do not limit the keywords you can choose, but we do insist that your keep your site focused on your content. We will optimize your site for the keywords appropriate to the amount of content and pages on your site, and will also optimize your site for each product. We work with you to come up with the best list of generic targeted keywords, and to correctly optimize a site for these keywords we need appropriate content for these keywords. We stay away from “keyword stuffing” a website, as search engines realize that a site that is more targeted to a few specific keywords is more important to rank higher in a search than one that has many non-specific keywords; in some extreme cases, “keyword stuffing” can even get a site banned from being listed on the search engines!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (FAQ About Seo) is the process of making subtle modifications to a web site to raise its search engine relevancy for the web site owner’s chosen search terms.

Do you offer other services than SEO? If so, what are they?

We do offer Google Adwords set up and management to compliment our SEO efforts, but we are still 100% SEO focused. We have tried doing different business ventures to complement our SEO services, such as building e-commerce sites, but found that we needed to focus completely on search engine optmization to stay on top on the daily changes that occur in this industry.

What data do you report to me about my website rankings?

Monthly rankings in major search engines. Yahoo, Google, Aol, MSN, and Ask Jeeves; we also report statistics on a number of other minor engines.

What kind of assistance will I have with writing search engine friendly content for my web pages?

We have a content writer on staff who will work with you on your keywords and help you with organizing your current site. They will also make recommendations on any new content needed for SEO and will review any new content to ensure that it is keyword rich and optimized correctly.

Are there particular keywords that are better than others?

The words that people are searching on are the ones you will need to target. Targeting too generic a keyword will not bring targeted visitors (i.e. debt). Generally the more specific the keyword the better (i.e. debt consolidation california).

Will you study our competitor’s web sites and make recommendations based on your findings?

Yes. We look at their links, content and keywords.

What timeframe does SEO with SEO_Services require? Can you show me how my SEO project will develop over the course of the next year?

Tentatively, it takes about 1 month from the date your contract is signed for our optimization to be complete. Bear in mind that this may vary depending on factors that are out of our control. After this, we start linking, tracking and monitoring your site to get you higher rankings. During this process, we will send you monthly reports via e-mail and html. With the combination of the above and the historical reporting tools we provide you can get a good picture of your progress at any time. Currently, we anticipate an average delay of between 6 months and 1 year for our results to be reflected on the search engines.

Will you handle our web metrics and conversion measurement?

We use Urchin Web stats and index tools. Each client is free to use either or both. For Urchin, we require access to our client’s log files. We insist that each of our clients track their site’s traffic and conversions and we will provide advice and support if conversions are low. Our primary goal is to increase each client’s web traffic and improve their rankings. They are also given access to our client portal to access their reports via the Internet at any time.

What does SEO_Services offer to a client as opposed to your competition?

Primarily, excellent customer service. When we set up the company, we knew we had great technical expertise and the principal SEO has years of SEO experience and expertise to draw upon. When researching our target market and competition, it was very clear that there was a huge need for an SEO company that placed customer service excellence at the top of its priorities.
Here are our customer service standards directly from our corporate goals and account procedures.

  • Our phone is answered within 3 rings during normal business hours by a staff member.
  • We respond to new prospects within 24 hours.
  • Detailed proposals are delivered within 3 days of qualifying the lead.
  • Work on the project is started within 2 days of signed contract.
  • All Optimization is completed within 4 weeks of signed contract.
  • Our clients are informed of every single step in our SEO process.
  • Our clients are fully informed of our project plan to rank their site.
  • No changes are made to our client’s site without their permission.
  • Monthly reports and follow up are completed within agreed timescales.
  • A client portal on our website is provided for clients to check their most recent reports at any time.
  • A web statistics tracking and analytical tool is provided as part of the service. This ensures that our clients can track their SEO’s return on investment (ROI).
  • Any sites difficult to rank receive constant attention until we reach our client’s goals.
  • We employ an accounts manager to ensure attention to every detail during the SEO process for our clients.

What data do you report to me about my website rankings?

Monthly rankings in major search engines. Yahoo, Google, Aol, MSN, and Ask Jeeves; we also report statistics on a number of other minor engines.