The field of web development really isn’t something that can be entered into without sufficient education, so quite a bit of learning will be involved prior to ever applying for a job in web design. To begin, one must first decide which specific web design job that they would ultimately like to hold.

If they are interested in designing web layouts, then an education in graphic design would be appropriate. If they are more interested in constructing the code behind the site, then they should concentrate on learning XHTML, CSS, PHP, and XML. Those who would like to build a site from start to finish will need to become educated in all of these areas.

A Formal Versus an Informal Education in Web Design

More and more colleges have begun offering degrees in web development, but is a formal education really required in order to apply for a web design job? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer to that question. For someone just starting out with no prior experience in web development, a formal education will certainly be beneficial since it will show prospective employers that the applicant does hold knowledge in the field of web development.

For those who are self-taught, however, securing a web design job is not impossible. It will, however, prove to be more difficult without any documented qualifications. Simply constructing a resume in which the job seeker details their self-acquired education isn’t going to cut it with a potential employer. It is for that reason that people in this situation would do well do acquire experience prior to applying for a job in web design. With enough experience, a non-degree holder should find that getting a web design job isn’t impossible.

Gather Experience in the Field of Web Development Before Applying

Actually, previous experience on a resume would prove beneficial for both a graduate and a non-degree holder. It may seem like a case of the chicken and the egg, but it really is possible to gain experience before being hired to work as a web designer. This is possible through freelancing.

There are many possible ways for a would-be web designer to go about freelancing. One option is to bid on projects at sites like Elance and Rent a Coder. Another possibility is to starting building and selling their own designs. This can be done by starting a membership site or posting designs for sale at ThemeForest. This option is particularly attractive because it is not only useful for helping them to gain experience. It also provides them with a way to earn residual income with web designs. That in and of itself can make for a very good web design job.

With Education and Experience Come Employment

Once either a formal or informal education has been acquired and a would-be web designer has the experience to match, they should next begin applying for web design jobs. With a strong resume, they should easily be able to find any number of employers interested in having them join their web development team.