Want to make your own web page or website? Want to share your poems or stories, book and movie reviews, or your photos and videos? How about making your web page quickly and without much hassles? Follow these simple steps on how to create your own web page.

Steps on How to Make Your Own Web Page Quickly

Step 1: Create a Web Page

  • Research: Before moving on to build your own web page, one should figure out the purpose of it – personal or business use. If it’s for personal use, one can showcase one’s talents and interests that might or might not be useful to the fellow readers. If it’s for business use, the target audience must be made aware of one’s identity, what one does and how one does. Length of the page should also be taken care of – long pages should be broken into shorter pages.
  • Learn and insert HTML tags: There are numerous methods to create an HTML document/page viz. writing HTML code manually using text-editing applications like Notepad and Wordpad (Microsoft Windows) and SimpleText (Mac), WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors and HTML editors for convenience and more features and word-processing applications like Microsoft Word that allows one to save word-processed documents into HTML codes. Learning to design your web page through writing the HTML code manually will help one to properly understand the working of a web page and the editing of a web page.
  • Get image/audio/video: Images/audio/video can be more quick in conveying the message. So think about what would they contribute and then select a proper image/audio/video for your web page.
  • Organize your content: Format the content in your web page so that everything is placed in a proper manner and that it doesn’t look cluttered.
  • View/Edit your page: After building your web page, one would be tempted to preview the web page in a browser to check if any errors have crept in to the web page. Simply open the file (.htm extension) from a browser or double-click the file. If the page is not what was expected, go back to the text editor and recheck the code to spot and fix the errors.

Step 2: Publish your Web Page by creating your Web Server Account

Once you are ready with your web page. your next step is to publish it i.e. upload your document to the Internet so that it is visible to the millions of users across the globe. Below is how can one set up a Web Server Account:

  • Web Space with your ISP: Check if your Internet Service Provider offers free web space to host your page in the Cyberspace. Contact your ISP and get login-id and password, in case you have the facility to host web pages. When changing to another ISP, one loses the previous web space.
  • Get free Web Space: There are many websites that provide free web space. Generally they put some pop-up windows or advertisements to your web pages, so read their conditions before using their services. Don’t use this if your web page is for professional use.
  • Pay for Web Space and get professional service: The most reliable of all the other techniques to publish your web page. Although they charge a minimal amount but provide many services depending on your needs. The technique used here is File Transfer Protocol (FTP) i.e. transferring your files from your computer to another (in this case to the server of the company you signed up with).

Step 3: Share your Web Page with the world: Once the web page is up and working, it’s time for the world to see it. Below are the ways to promote your web page.

  • Word-of-mouth: Tell your friends about your web page and ask them to check it out.
  • Banner ads: Prepare a banner to promote your web page.
  • Advertisement on Social Networking Sites: Put up an ad on Social Networking Sites like Facebook.
  • Share link with other websites: Search for websites that are related to your web page in some way and share links.
  • Register your web page with search engine: Add the URL of your web page to any search engine so that people around the world can search for your web page.

A Simple Web Page Example

There are many websites that can be used as a reference to learn the basic HTML tags to make your web page quickly. See the images below to learn the most basic HTML tags.

Following above steps would quickly help you to build your own web page and upload it for the world to see.