Search engines give the highest organic ranking to authority sites. These are sites that have lots of unique and relevant information which makes people want to link to the site. One way to build up this information is by developing articles related to your business or industry. These articles should be optimized in order for you to get the benefit of increased ranking on various search engines.

When we write Seo Articles relating to our business or industry we post these articles on our website and company blog. We also optimize the articles and submit them for publication so that they show up during various searches for the relevant keywords.

Articles also serve to establish you as a thought leader within your industry and help you to be viewed as an expert on your subject.

    What makes a good search engine optimized article?

  • It is well written
  • It contains unique and useful content
  • It provides valuable information that may interest your target audience
  • It should be optimized for specific keywords
  • It encourages people to link with your site
  • It contains a link back to your website

We recommend one article per month for at least 6 months.
An optimized article means not only exposure for your online business, but you are also fulfilling the main thing that search engines want – pages with relevant content linking back to your site.

Seo Articles

Organic search or natural search – how search engines find relevant matches for searchers keyword phrases from all the web pages indexed by their spiders. Organic results are the ones preferred by searchers and are usually found on the left hand side of the results pages.

Paid search – any Seo Articles program offered by a search engine in exchange for a fee. These include paid inclusion, paid placement and directory services.

Search engine marketing – all activities involved in improving site traffic through either organic or paid search.

Search engine optimization – the techniques used to improve organic search engine rankings.