With the new incarnation of SEOogle.info one of my many upgrades were custom error pages that didn’t just have redirect code that spit you back to my homepage. My custom error pages are set up with links to some of my more popular posts and categories. Rather than just spitting my users back to my homepage using:

meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=https://www.seoogle.info/

Your 404 pages can be powerful traffic tools if you let them. After I deleted a post I noticed I was getting a number of errors showing up in AWStats. Realizing that my users were hitting my 404 more often got me thinking I should maybe add some links here to more popular parts of my blog.

Since the addition of these pages I’ve noticed an incline in users as well as them staying for a longer duration. It’s quick, easy and it works!

Check out a sample error page here.