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Does you agency have a demand for search marketing services for your clients? Perhaps you lack the manpower, the time, or the skills to provide these services? If you are looking for a search marketing business partner consider SEO_Services who offer world class search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) as part of our search marketing offering.

Agency Partner Program

Search marketing was a $4 billion dollar industry in 2014 and according to industry analysts it is expected to grow by 41% in 2015.

The Facts about Search Marketing and Agencies

Search Marketing and Agencies

  • Increasing numbers of people rely on search engines to navigate the web
  • Search marketing is the most cost effective marketing tool
  • Demand for search marketing experts is increasing
  • Search marketing skills are far removed from typical agency skills
  • Explosion of search marketing has left many agencies short of SEM resources
  • No agency can afford to ignore the fastest growing segment of its business
  • Without SEM agencies cannot claim to be a full-service agency
  • The long term trend is for agencies to offer broad SEM services

We believe that search marketing partnerships are the gateway to profitability for agencies. Agencies can offer their clients increased return on investment while reducing their total marketing costs. Search marketing can play an important part of your client’s total marketing mix.

What Search Marketing offers your Agency

  • Increased business potential
  • Additional value for your clients
  • Extra source of revenue

In-house or Outsource?

The Agency Partner Program for many agencies is whether to build their SEM capabilities in-house or to outsource these services – and at what price?

Because of the technical nature of the work agencies tend to outsource. Search marketing requires dedication to keep up with the constant developments in the industry. Search engines constantly update their rules and algorithms. New competitors will enter your client’s industries and their existing competitors will improve their own optimization. Are you prepared to offer your clients the best possible search marketing service?

At Agency Partner Program we can help you to put together marketing and sales strategies to develop search as part of your agency’s business. Many agencies excel at selling traditional media but don’t have the expertise to communicate effectively regarding search. We can train your agency on how to sell search marketing benefits.

We are one of the premier companies in the field, offering proven results for our clients. Our references, reputation and excellent customer service will give you the peace of mind to offer your clients our services. Then you can continue to do what you do best while at the same time increasing the range of services for your clients.

Why should you choose Agency Partner Program?

  • Experience
  • Dedication
  • Ethics
  • Customer Service
  • Proven Results

SEO Systems

We can remain totally behind the scenes and can help you communicate and explain the dynamic search industry and the marketing benefits directly to your clients. Our service can be branded as your own. This will help to strengthen the agency/client relationship.

We already provide outstanding search marketing services to agencies. If you are seriously considering outsourcing your search marketing then we encourage you to speak directly with our established business partners. We are proud of all the relationships we build and we think our reputation speaks for itself. We are confident that our dedication and reputation will encourage you to seriously consider SEO_Services as a business partner.

Additional References

Search-Engine Marketing: Growth Companies in Play (PDF) by Digital Media and Technology Group of DeSilva & Phillips Investment Bankers covers the marketplace for electronic content in its many – and still-evolving – forms: from web-based publications to specialized search engines, from business information services to rich media. DM&T’s managing directors also work closely with Generation 3 direct marketers as well as a broad range of firms redefining, reshaping and re-purposing content – what was once called editorial or programming – including aggregators, bloggers, web-casters, RSS feeders, and mobisode producers.