Corporate blogs are revolutionizing the way that people are doing business. They are changing the ways that corporations handle internal and external communications. They give your audience an insight into the true nature of your business by letting them hear an authentic voice from your company. A corporate blog can give you an opportunity to interact in real time with your audience. It builds relationships and communicates your corporate values.

Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging is already an integral part of some of the world’s most successful business organizations. SEO_Services can help you to integrate a blog into your organization. They have the experience to help you solve the issues associated with integrating blogs into your organization.

  • Choose your blog software
  • Determining whether to set up an independent blog or integrate into corporate web site
  • Distribute to blog search engines
  • Training on writing for your blog
  • Weekly review of posts

Business Benefits of Corporate Blogs

  • To raise the visibility of your company and your products.
  • To make a contribution to your industry and community.
  • To give people a look at what goes on inside your company.

Search Marketing Benefits of Corporate Blogs

  • Continuous fresh content on your site
  • Constantly updated
  • Natural link building

Corporate blogs can have many different goals and purposes. Some thought and planning should go into your blogging strategy. One of the first considerations is how will you use your blog? Here are some options:

  • CEO Blog
    • Source of industry news and opinions
    • CEO’s unique perspectives
  • Sales Blog
    • Sales personnel stay in touch with clients more easily and more frequently
    • Builds word of mouth referrals
    • Shared information enabling sales to be proactive
    • Less customer complaints
  • Marketing Blog
    • Branding
    • Immediate feedback on marketing campaigns
    • Boost your reach and influence
    • Networking
  • Product Development Blog
    • Get clients actively involved in product development
    • Client feedback on new products
  • Public Relations Blog
    • Corporate communication
    • Reputation management – react to both good and bad news
    • A transparent organization builds trust and support
  • Customer Loyalty Blog
    • Customers leave information about their experiences
    • Shared experiences on a blog are real life testimonials

Your Corporate Blogger
Identify a leader who can drive the communications with passion and who reflects the values of your company. Remember the bloggers voice is part of your brand.

Employee Blogging
If you do encourage Corporate Blogging it may be wise to instigate a corporate blogging policy to protect both your company and your employees. These guidelines can also encourage company bloggers to blog creatively and purposely. However a level of trust must be in existence. Too many constraints lead to lifeless blogging. Remember passion is what we are after. For more information in corporate blogging policy visit here

Short-Term Blogs
Pop-up blogs or event blogs are ones created with a short term life expectancy – such as an event, conference or new product launch.