Within the search engines high ranking sites usually have a high quantity of incoming links from quality sites within their industry. These links play an important part in how search engines such as Google determine which sites are most relevant for specific search terms. Having higher relevance will enable your site to have a higher ranking.

Directory Submission Service

The best links for your site are one way non-reciprocated links; in other words a vote for your site from another site that you haven’t paid for through a reciprocated link. Directories are ideal for this as they are authority sites that will hand non-reciprocated links to websites. Not only this, but directories are still used extensively by searchers due to the way the data is presented.

Directory Submission Service

Whereas the search engines use computer generated methods for indexing sites, directories are indexed by humans who actually review sites for quality and content. This is why submitting to directories is often time consuming and for some people difficult. They often have confusing categories and sub-categories that may be difficult for a lay person to understand. Because they receive a large quantity of submissions, directories can be selective and so it pays to get it right the first time.

Watch out for Unethical Directory Submission Services

There are some submission services out there that advertise submission to many directories. In fact they submit to Directory Submission Service that actually belong to the submission service and these directories are worthless. They also may claim that they know the editors of the directories and can influence the directory placement. This is true as these editors work directly for the submission service!! Be assured that our directory service is ethical and submits only to genuine directories.

About our Service

Our Directory Submission Service is performed by staff that has a great deal of experience with directories. They understand specific directory categories and sub-categories. These can be different for each directory. They can also help you to define the keywords that you want to target and the wording of the individual directory description as each directory has its own guidelines for submission of the text. It is essential to get this correct from the start as it is very difficult to change once the listing has been accepted.

What does the Directory Submission Service Cost?

We will submit your site to 50 of the top directories for one fixed price.