HTML encoding errors will break search engine spiders. To understand why you need to think of the differences between browsers and spiders:

Browsers have been written to be backwardly compatible with widely used, badly formed HTML. This is due to user insistence that sites that work in one browser also work in another, no matter how buggy the code: if they didn’t then the user would swap to a browser that did ‘work’. Spiders do not have this requirement, if your site can’t be read then there will be others that can be.

Browsers have kept pace with the internet and have been developed and enhanced through the years. Spiders still behave as Mozilla did 7 years ago.

Clean HTML Code

Don’t be fooled by other sites out there that have HTML errors. Not all Clean HTML Code errors will cause spiders to break, but some will.

When a new client signs with Web Clean HTML Code, we will run HTML validation checks on their site. If there are minor HTML errors these will be fixed as part of the search engine optimization process. If there are major HTML errors then we class this as extra major non-SEO work and provide a quote for fixing the issues. If the client wishes to use their own webmaster we can supply a full report of all errors on the site.