Keywords are the words/phrases used by people searching on the internet.

They are very important as relevant, targeted keywords can help get you to the top of search engine rankings and help you attract visitors interested in your web site’s content and products.

Choosing keywords requires input from you as you have a deep understanding of your business and industry.

Keyword Analysis

We start the analysis by looking at your current keywords, your page content, the keywords and content of high ranking competitors to get ideas for keywords. We use keyword popularity tools to get other ideas and options. We will then present this to you for your ideas and feedback. This process continues until we decide we have the optimum keywords for your web site.

Your keywords should reflect the focus of your site.

    Ask yourself:

  • What is the site’s focus?
  • Why is the site’s information valuable?
  • Who is your audience?

These questions are useful because they make you think about how your site’s content serves its intended targeted audience.

Don’t limit your Keyword Analysis to your products; people visit your site looking for information too.

We then research keyword popularity

  • How many other sites use the same keywords?
  • How many people actually search on those keywords?
  • 1. Overly broad or generic keywords rarely work well. e.g. “bicycle”
  • 2. More targeted keywords increase your chance of getting to the top of the search engine rankings. e.g. “mountain bicycle”
  • 3. If you really want to get specific, your site would always be at the top of a search on “Red Trek mountain bicycle” – if any users were to actually search on it.

Our objective is to find out what keywords people actually use to query search engines for your product or service. We do this using keyword popularity tools.

We provide the following Keyword Analysis.

the number of times the keyword has been searched for in the previous 332 million searches.
the number of searches for the keyword in Google in the previous 24 hours.
the number of competing web pages for the keyword. The lower the competition the easier you will find it to reach the top using this keyword.
We generally look for 2-4 keywords per targeted page.

Integrate keywords into your page text

It is important that your page text features intelligent use of your keywords as this affects the search engine rankings.

Keyword analysis is Keyword Analysis as part of the Web SEO Systems Full Search Engine Optimization packages. To learn more about how SEO_Services System’s search engine optimization services can aid your business contact us today.