The web has become the world’s largest marketplace and to prosper in this environment requires online marketing – Chesterfield based Search Engine Serious (SES) is uniquely qualified to help you with this new marketing arena. SES are leaders in search engine marketing and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that can propel your site to the top positions in the results of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves.

Either by search engine positioning or “pay-per-click” SES can promote your business or organization to a world wide audience for the price of a one-off full colour ad in a trade magazine. There is no better return on investment than online marketing.

Marketing Your Site Online

From our offices in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in the heart of the UK, Marketing Your Site Online deliver online marketing solutions to promote any companies and organizations from start-ups to SMEs to multinational corporations – no entity is too big or too small for SES and we offer the same high level of service whatever the market, product or service.

Just two miles from the M1 motorway in Derbyshire, Chesterfield is a central location that allows us to service online marketing clients across the UK.

Positions at the Major Search Engine for the Phrase
Search Engine Optimization

To illustrate our expertise – here are some search engine positions we currently hold.

We recently visited several major search engines and meta Marketing Your Site Online engines (these are search engines that take their results from multiple search engines) and took “screen grabs” to show the position of our site on a search for the phrase search engine optimization.

Whilst some of our competitors make bold claims as to what they can do for your site – where do their own sites come at the major search engines? For example, our site has been in the top ten results at Google for a year and a half, mostly in the top three and many times at number one! In contrast we know of SEO companies that charge three or four times our prices and are not even in the top fifty results at Google – and they all have excellent reasons why this is OK!

There are plenty of companies who can talk the talk – but can they walk the walk?

The Double Whammy!

The most interesting thing about this situation is what we call the “Double Whammy”. All search engine optimization companies have their own Marketing Your Site Online and techniques – and guard this information jealously. This is one reason why the SEO companies are reluctant to show their clients’ results – it would be easy for the competition to analyses a few pages and pick up a few tips that would help them enormously – the few companies that excel at SEO keep their best work under wraps.

So here’s the best bit, (the “Double Whammy”) – because we don’t want our competitors to learn our best techniques, we have to get our own site to the top at the search engines without using these techniques! This is the equivalent of winning a fight with one arm tied behind our backs!

Abacho UK 2nd 19th
All The Sites 9th AltaVista US 4th
AltaVista UK 2nd AOL Search 2nd
AOL UK 2nd AOL UK (UK sites) 1st
Ask Jeeves UK 9th Ask Jeeves US 8th
Beaucoup 2nd BT Openworld 1st
Dygo 2nd EarthLink 2nd
Entireweb 1st Excite US 1st
FindWhat 1st Galaxy 2nd 2nd Google UK 1st
Google US 2nd InfoSpace 1st
Inktomi Pure Search 2nd LookSmart UK 20th
Mamma 2nd MSN UK 17th
Netscape Netcenter US 2nd NetZero 1st
NTLWorld 1st Qango 7th
Search Machine 1st 2nd
Splut 5th Tiscali UK 15th
Toxic Lemon 4th UK Plus 5th
whatUseek 2nd YupiMSN 13th

It should be noted that most search engines update their results approximately once per month, so the above positions will vary from time to time. However, these results prove our effectiveness over a broad range of search destinations.