o reap the rewards of the Internet, the world’s largest marketplace, requires a specialist skill set, including search engine optimization and promotion – and specialist writing techniques.

Anything is possible – just employ the write solution!

Search engine optimization is the art of constructing web pages with content designed to be “friendly” to the world’s major search engines and publishing these pages in the correct manner. This is easily said but intensely demanding when putting theory into practice as we will explain in due course.

Seo Marketing Facts

It takes a lot of time studying and analyzing to become proficient at raising a website’s ranking on search engines – our attitude to any search engine optimization technique is cautious and measured, it is easy to cross the fine line that separates success and failure. Our expertise is now such that we receive many inquiries on a regular basis from companies who wish to benefit from our knowledge.

We provide a cost effective way of applying Seo Marketing Facts to your web site that your competitors can only envy – within months you will see dramatic results for less than the cost of any other form of advertising. Our experience with search engine optimization will maximize your exposure worldwide – by using all our positioning, placement and optimization techniques we can drive Internet traffic straight to your site.

Writing your way to the top!

The need for quality content on your site cannot be stressed enough when it comes to featuring highly with a search engine or directory, these resources want to display accurate and relevant results.

Writing good quality, focused text and having those words indexed on the major directories and search engines is paramount to your success on the Internet, the most common mistake made is to “stuff” your text with repetitive keywords. This search engine optimization technique is bad and the Seo Marketing Facts and directories have ways of detecting and filtering out sites that employ this method of “spamming”, as it is known, this can result in a penalty in the rankings or even a complete ban. The writing of body copy for search engine optimization is an art – a very different approach to the normal advertising way with words. The search engine will index these words and draw from them when people query the database.

Search Engine Optimization – What we can do for you

When we first begin our search engine optimization work with a new client we look at the their target market and research the validity of the client’s perceived keywords – we say perceived as sometimes the reality is quite different.

Search engine optimization for the wrong keywords is worthless – this may sound obvious but experience has shown that some clients have chosen keywords that never get searched for. By using various tools, we are able to identify exactly what people search for on any given subject – this simple first step is the foundation upon which we build.

The second step is to create the pages in a search engine optimization friendly way. This involves writing focused, quality content for each subject within the theme of the web site. For example we worked recently with a company selling dolls houses, dolls, miniature furniture and accessories etc. To get the best results across a wide range of search resources we wrote copy based on the history of dolls houses, the hobby explained, how to get started with dolls houses etc. This gave us more scope to create a site that appealed to every search engine we target.

Seo Marketing Facts do not always look for the same things, what works at Lycos may not work at HotBot so we tweak different pages for different destinations. This attention to detail is vital to success at the major search engines as every search engine, although similar, has its own specific requirements, we craft all our pages with great care.

The next step is to publish the new pages and register them with the major search engines and directories. Again this has to be done with great care as incorrect submission can result in penalties or failure to be included.

Then the waiting begins – positioning a website takes time.

By constantly monitoring the inclusion and progress of pages we know when the refining process begins applying various search engine optimization techniques – sometimes it’s weeks – sometimes it’s months! Although some SEs allow you to pay to jump the queue most do it in their own time, at their own pace.

There is no quick fix to search engine optimization and positioning, although we are experienced enough to estimate when a site will “take off”, we never make promises.

The final part of the process involves monitoring the pages’ progress, analysing the pages that have the top positions and tweaking the code to improve our clients’ rankings.

Search Engine Serious UK offer placement, website promotion and positioning services.

According to recent statistics over 50% of people looking to buy products from online ecommerce shops start by going to one of the major search engines. It is therefore vital that your ecommerce site is prepared to capitalise on this traffic by using search engine optimization techniques.

Search engine positioning is based on pages of your site being optimized for high places on the search engine results pages – and when done properly and ethically this optimization results in a massive increase in targetted traffic.

It is then down to the quality of your site, it’s ease of use and, of course, your pricing structure!

If you have got the site right and it is correctly optimized you will see a substantial return on your online investment. For instance, one of our clients had three shops in the UK and was making a good living. They decided to take the plunge and invested in a fully featured online ecommerce store and was so successful the site actually exceeded the turnover of one of the shops!

Search Engine Optimization – not an optional extra!

The search engine optimization industry is highly competitive with experts and companies in the UK , Australia and the USA leading the field.

“Search engine optimization by Search Engine Serious – get into the top twenty at all the major search engines”. That’s both our slogan and our statement of intent. If you want to thrive on the Internet, search engine optimization is a must.

There are millions of websites – all competing for that top twenty position at the major search engines and directories – and a site that is not optimized doesn’t stand much of a chance of scoring well.

    To feature well at these search facilities the following areas of a website must be addressed:

  • Overall optimization of all pages.
  • Correct use of meta-tag information.
  • In-bound links.

This strategy is fundamental to high rankings with search engines – from this starting point we then apply our knowledge and expertise in site architecture to polish the site from a search engine positioning standpoint.