A few years ago Netscape was by far the most popular browser on the internet. There was no choice, really, because Netscape had it all and the rest of the browsers didn’t even come close. Oh, there was this thing called Internet Explorer, but it was more of a joke than anything else. Really, the only competition to Netscape was this little upstart company called America Online – but that didn’t give you much access to the internet.

Well, that’s the past and it’s gone now. Netscape has fallen to number two, and it drops lower on the list every day. Why? Well, Internet Explorer has the backing of Microsoft, that’s why, and Microsoft can dump incredible amounts of manpower and money into their products.


Netscape Browser

Functionally, there is not all that much difference in the basics between the two programs. They both do an excellent job of allowing you to surf the web, and both have a large array of extra goodies that make it more fun and easier.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Netscape over Internet Explorer though. Perhaps the largest reason is that Netscape does not modify your entire operating system (IE pretty much integrates itself into the bowels of your system like a science fiction parasite), which makes it less likely to corrupt anything.

Personally, I use all of the browsers that I can find. I have Netscape, IE and AOL all installed on my system, and I use all of them. If you are a webmaster this is essential because you need to make sure your pages work in as many browsers as possible.