Opera Browser

To those of you who believe there is no choice when it comes to browsers, think again. There are more than just the “big two”Netscape and Internet Explorer. In fact, there are smaller, faster, more reliable browsers out there.

Opera is one of these browsers. No, it’s nowhere near as feature rich as Internet Explorer or the newest Netscape. But, really, think about it for a minute. Do you want XML support (how many XML pages are on the net anyway) or do you want to browse fast and furiously?

This is an interesting little browser. It has lots of user-friendly features and believe me, it is fast. Nothing slows this guy down. If you want a fast browser, this is a good choice.

Opera supports standard HTML – no non-standard extensions at all. This makes it a good platform to test your web pages. If it works in Opera, it should work anywhere.

One really important thing about Opera is that it does not require a new powerful machine! It will run just fine on a 386SX with 8mb of memory! It’s also available as a 16 bit application, which means if you are running Windows 3.1 you will find it the perfect browser.

It has tons of features, and I think I would recommend it as a second browser for just about anyone. A second browser? Well, I do like Internet Explorer, and sometimes I need it’s features, but when I want a fast surfing experience I’d use Opera.

Check out the Opera website for more information.