Strategies to Increase Your Online Business

Search engine marketing’s goal is to increase your organization’s online business. It’s all about growing customers, sales, and profits, and achieving measurable results.

Results Oriented

SEO_Services is a professional search engine marketing agency that offers a complete range of services:

  • Natural Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Search Engine Reputation Management
  • Online Public Relations

We will work closely with you, and guide your organization to achieve your online goals. Increasing your business – is our business. That is what we do.

In-house Optimized = 38% traffic increase
Agency Optimized = 110% traffic increase

Search Engine Marketing

We have some of the most experienced search marketing staff in the industry. We are professionals who try to raise the bar for our whole industry. We are affiliated with professional organizations such as the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), Search Engine Marketing of North America (SMA-NA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Why Choose SEO_Services?

When we surveyed our top tier clients on why they choose Search Engine Marketing, nearly all of them said it was the comfort level they felt regarding our abilities to serve them competently and deliver results. In other words, they trust us. They know that because of our tenure in the industry spanning over a decade, coupled with our levels of expertise, that we would increase their business.

“The final results were well worth the investment”
VP Marketing and Sales, Trazar Corporation
    There are seven reasons why we feel we can serve you:

  • 1. We use only search engine approved techniques and best business practices. In the past we have walked away from high margin prospects if their business models did not fit in with the ethics of our company.
  • 2. We focus on a ‘business approach’ while many in our industry come from a ‘technical approach.’ We can talk with you about your business and your technical needs. We never forget that it’s not only about technology; it’s about quantifiable and measurable business results.
  • 3. That said – we are at the forefront of search engine technology. Our clients’ results prove it.
  • 4. Communication is the foundation on which our relationships are built. Pro-active, quality, customer service is of the utmost importance to us. We treat you like a business partner. We develop long term relationships with all our customers. Our desire is to help you succeed.
    Search Engine Optimization Services Newsletter
  • 5. Our staff has been professionally trained in customer service. There is a real sense of ownership. “I know you have other clients but I feel like I’m your only one,” is a recent comment from a client.
  • 6. Established ‘SEO_Services Protocols’ ensure consistency of our service. These protocols mean that the system is executed with a zero-defect mentality.
  • 7. We are accountable to you our clients, because we are confident not just in the results you will achieve, but also how we will help you achieve them.
  • Put simply – we are professionals and we deliver professional results.

Designed for Your Business, Your Industry

Every business is unique. And every industry is unique too. We understand this. We will work closely with you to determine you’re needs and you’re online business goals. Only when they have been determined will we start work on a search engine marketing plan aimed at increasing your business.

Search Engine Marketing

The bottom line is that we will be representing your business and your brand. And that is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We will work with the utmost effort and diligence to succeed in our search marketing plan to achieve your business needs and goals. Your success is our success.

Do you need help to with your paid search engine marketing strategy? Search engine marketing (SEM) is a great way to drive qualified visitors to your web site. We can help you with your paid search placement methods such as Pay-Per-Click, XML feeds, Paid Inclusion and Shopping Portals.

Paid search engine placement can be used as part of your total search engine marketing strategy to give your business an increased competitive advantage. This is because it gives you immediate control over your search engine rankings. This is one of the big differences between paying for rankings and rankings achieved through “organic” search engine optimization (SEO) where the results are achieved through a persistent and long term strategy. With our search engine marketing service you pay to get immediate high rankings in specific search engines and you can change your direction at a moments notice.

Search engine marketing service and “organic” SEO can be used effectively together so that you can make full use of your Internet marketing options over a period of time. This will help your business maximize its online marketing efforts.

Our Search Engine Marketing Service includes:

Current Pay Per Click Campaign Review
We will review your current paid placement campaign and make suggestions and recommendations on your unique business conditions.

Competitive Analysis
We will review the paid placement strategies of your competition for specific targeted keyword phrases and make suggestions and recommendations on your unique industry conditions.

Keyword Analysis
We will research specific search terms and keyword phrases for your business.

Market Analysis
We will match keyword phrases to your targeted market and develop a bidding strategy to achieve results.

Landing Page
We will develop specific landing pages for your web site to help you get you immediate message across.

Advertising and Brand Development
We will develop exciting advertising content to communicate your brand and marketing message.

Finance and Budget Management
Because it is a complicated bidding environment we will help you monitor and fine tune you’re spending and keep it cost effective.

Paid Placement Account Management
We will help you with your strategic Internet marketing plan and all aspects of your paid search engine marketing campaign including timing strategy, and trend analysis.

Search Engine Marketing Definitions

Organic search or natural search – how search engines find relevant matches for searchers keyword phrases from all the web pages indexed by their spiders. Organic results are the ones preferred by searchers and are usually found on the left hand side of the results pages.

Paid search – any search engine program offered by a search engine in exchange for a fee. These include paid inclusion, paid placement and directory services.

Search engine marketing – all activities involved in improving site traffic through either organic or paid search.

Search engine optimization – the techniques used to improve organic search engine rankings.