If you’ve ever tried to set up a Pay Per Click advertising campaign you quickly realize you can go through a lot of money with little to show for it. Instead of wasting your time and money running a pay per click campaign, why not let SEO_Services setup and run your campaign? Let SEO_Services’s experience ensure your campaign gets the best results possible.

  • We have over 2 years of pay per click management experience. We have successfully implemented and monitored campaigns of over 1,000 keywords for very tough industries such as travel. We have taken PPC campaigns showing 0.5% CTR and changed them to nearer 5% CTR.
  • We have keyword analysts who can generate hundreds of relevant keywords including a lot of niche words that will convert better at a lower cost than more mainstream keywords.
  • We have designers and copywriters who can develop landing pages for your PPC campaign in order to maximize conversions.
  • We have goal and conversion tracking tools that will allow better conversion tracking than is possible through Google. Our higher end monitoring tool has interfaces to Google and Overture and can track cost of the click against the value of a conversion. The monitoring tool uses on page Javascript so does not require modifications to log file formats that plague some of the other solutions.
    For a new PPC advertising campaign we will

  • Create a landing page – you will need to integrate the page into your back end sales tracking tool.
  • Set up the PPC campaign including finding keywords, writing two creatives per group of related keywords.
    If ongoing Pay Per Click Advertising bid management is required we will:

  • Integrate into a goal conversion tool.
  • Monitor each campaign twice per day and if required modify the following: creatives, keyword groupings, cost per click.

Ongoing PPC management easily pays for itself with the CTR (click through rates) and conversion improvements.
SEO_Services pay per click management is billed as a percentage of the overall pay per click spend.
We can also review and analyze your current pay per click campaign on an hourly based rate.

Linking PPC Costs to Revenues Allows Improvements in PPC Return on Investment

A new client came to us after spending over $10,000 on Pay per Click (PPC) advertising with Google and Yahoo. They had only limited web analytics along with the information provided by Google and Yahoo. Based on this information they had no real idea in which areas they were making a profit and in which areas they were making a loss. We analyzed their data and reported that they showed a marketing cost approaching 50% of the revenue generated! In other words they were making a loss on every sale they made or as they stated – ‘the more my revenues go up, the more my losses go up’!

Pay Per Click Advertising provided them with Urchin web analytics software including eCommerce and campaign tracking. With minor modifications to the PPC campaigns and by importing the click information from both PPC providers this client was finally able to link costs to conversions (sales).

Pay Per Click Advertising

In addition SEO_Services developed an interface from their shopping cart to Urchin. By importing the actual sales data we were able to link costs to revenues. Now with the web analytics data available we can take steps to eliminate keywords that result in a loss, and improve keywords that show a profit.

In the first month of implementing this system marketing cost were lowered to 25% of revenue. Further improvements are expected in the coming months.

In addition to these savings we also search engine optimized their eCommerce website. After one month the revenue from organic (free) traffic is approaching the levels of PPC – at a fraction of the cost. Marketing costs for search engine optimization are currently running at 4% of revenue. As revenue from organic traffic increases this percentage will lower.