When you undertake a search for your company name or brand is negative information relating to your company showing up in the search results? Is your company and brand reputation being adversely affected by these negative high ranking results? If so you may want to consider search engine reputation management.

Seo Management combines reputation management with search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Companies produce a large amount of compelling written content. This may take the form of press releases, articles, testimonials, case studies, white papers, etc. It is often the case that this information is not published in a search friendly way and so it is not indexed by the search engines.

Seo Management

Seo Management can help your online reputation by getting your corporate communications and press releases indexed and highly ranked within the search engines. This can help you by giving your company a voice to get your side of the story across and also knock the negative listings from the top spots of the search engine rankings.

You have worked hard to build your corporate reputation and brand therefore you should have total control over how your name and brand appears in search results. Your business reputation is your livelihood and so is well worth protecting.

Seo Management

There are 1.2 million monthly searches for Delta Airlines. The number 5 listing in the Google results is a site called Boycott Delta. This negative result is therefore seen by many potential customers. Corporations are often defined by third party sites and what these sites write about is not always the truth. Many corporate and brand names show positive and also negative results within the search engines.

39% of the top 100 results are consumer generated media such as blogs. Blogs and forum results are becoming a major issue for reputation management.

What are your options when there are negative results relating to your brand? You can send them a ‘cease and desist’ letter or actually enter into litigation with the flame sites. Often this creates more negative publicity for your site especially if it involves the blogging community.

The other alternative is to take control of the search engine results pages for your brands. The good news is that 75% of searchers don’t go past the first page of results when searching. Therefore you are only looking at monitoring the top ten results. When you look at these listings determine what is being said about your brand. Look at this information from the eyes of a searcher. If you do not like what appears or if there is adverse information on the page you need to get rid of it. This is the field known as search engine reputation management.

Seo Management reputation management will monitor the top search results for your brand name. Most corporate sites have a network of associated sites including product sites, blogs, press releases, suppliers, partners, articles, affiliates, recruitment sites, etc as well as their main corporate brand site. These sites should all be optimized around your brand name. By Seo Management this network you should be able to control the content within the top ten. By keeping watch on these results pages you should be able to pro-actively deal with any potential problems as they occur. If you effectively optimize your network you should be able to prevent anyone from entering your space.